Monday, June 19, 2006


After numerous false starts the blog is back up and running, this time from Yemen. The Internet connection has not been the best, but at least I'm back, and I've spent my first few days going through the important motions of re-connecting with friends and contacts and catching up on all the books that have been published since I left.

I was even able to find a copy of Wajdi al-Ahdal's Quarab al-jabaliyya, which was officially banned, but I now have my grubby little hands on a copy - not the photocopied one I had earlier through various channels, but a real bound copy. It was a major coup, as was finding some of al-Zindani's books and a few other gems that were republished in 2005 to celebrate Sana'a being the cultural capital of the Arab world in 2004 - don't ask.

Now I'm on the hunt for the new book by Ali al-Muqari, which is written about in this story from al-Arabiyya. I've got my sources out and I hope to have the book within the week.

It is good to be back, even if al-Thawra is even worse than usual, what with every organization sucking up to the party line.


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