Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A sign of the times

This week is moving week, which means that the posts will be a bit lighter as I pack my books into a trailer for yet another move across the country to yet another school for yet another degree.

Still, I saw a few things that caught my eye in the press. First, President Salih warning everyone to stay calm during election season, which ends on September 23. This piece, in the Yemen Observer, is remarkably similiar to one from the UPI, which the Observer cribbed with only a veiled reference. The Observer just got its license back does it really want to be stealing articles? I know Faris does this as a matter of course, but still - not that cool.

Other election stories (English) are here: financing a presidential campaign with a flat from Paris, Women in Taiz support Salih, and finally more on the recent poll in Yemen, that Khaled al-Hammadi first reported in al-Quds al-Arabi.

But the one story that really caught my eye was one from al-Sharq al-Awsat about tribal fighting in Marib. Now, the more jaded among us here at al-Nawadir tend to blow off instances of tribal fighting in Marib, it is just too common to really make a note of, but I think this is different. And an early case of what will continue to happen for the forseeable future. This fight was over a water well. Yemen for those who don't know is quickly running out of water, and when that happens, which it will in the next two decades, it is going to be ugly. This is only the beginning. You have been warned.


At 11:17 AM, Blogger Omar Barsawad said...

Yemen has very little water; the whole Arab World has little water! But, with care and proper, sustainable usage it can last for a long time. Qat growing uses a lot of water; that - should be controlled.

Much water is wasted by oil companies in Hadhramout, in their production process; that water can be chanelled to other parts of Yemen.

And not all areas of Yemen have little water; Hadhramout and many other parts have plenty of water. This too, can be channeled to other areas. With much rain falling in some parts of the country - damming should be intensified to save the water, instead of it being wasted.


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