Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yemen in Friday's Papers

(The view from Sana'a)

Well, both al-Thawri and al-Sahwa are out, as I skimmed them both this afternoon. But I have yet to print them off, and I can't read PDF news pages on the Internet. Also, I've been slaving away attempting to finish this damn thesis, which has meant a great deal of reading of Yemeni memoirs. And I have to say that I feel as though I now really know Sinan Abu Lahum, Muhsin al-'Ayni and Yahya al-Mutawakkil thanks to their memoirs. (Gasp, I may have just let a bit of my secret identity through, but really I'm much too tired to care. - a draft of the thesis is done.)

Al-Thawri does have a story on Nu'man as well as an interview with him, and al-Sahwa has an interview with Muhammad 'Alu, who is an intriguing lawyer. Hopefully there will be more on both by the weekend - after a number of drinks of course.

Al-Quds al-Arabi had little on Yemen today. I continue to have problems with al-Jazeera's website for some reason, so I'm not sure there. Al-Sharq al-Awsat is likely neglecting the country where wisdom and faith reside, as of course is al-Arabiyya. Al-Hayat has a business story about the Yemeni government pledging money towards education, but as business and economics bore me (don't tell my boss), I've elected not to link to it. If you are really interested you'll have to run the search on al-Hayat yourself.


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