Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tuesday's Yemeni Proverb

I could be blogging about the White Sox win over the early season sweethearts - the Tigers - way to go Jim Thome. Or about the lack of Yemeni coverage in the big 3-2, but instead I've decided to start a new project.

As this blog is fairly new, it is only natural that from time to time new projects will be developed only to be surely dropped at a later time. Today's project, which will continue until I grow bored with it, is a daily Yemeni proverb.

So wonderful readers of al-Nawadir enjoy the proverbs - quote them to your friends, impress girls at the bar, stun your boyfriend and use them as one would other bar tricks - like tying cherry stems with your tongue - to get free drinks.

Unless otherwise specificed all proverbs come from the excellent two volume work by Qadi Isma'il al-'Akwa entitled: al-Imthal al-yamaniyya.

Today's proverb, and my personal favorite:

إذا قلبك سالي فجحر الحمار مفرج
My rough translation:
"If your heart is at ease even a donkey's asshole can be a mafraj*."
* A mafraj is the room in which qat is chewed, and where mortals commune with the gods.


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