Thursday, April 06, 2006

English to the Rescue

As is sometimes the case, when the Arabic papers drop the ball the English ones are there to pick it up - you see Huntington was wrong, this is what cooperation is all about.

First, there is a piece about Yemen's plan to try 172 al-Qaeda members. Here is the UPI story. And here is Reuters take on the announcement. There really isn't anything new here, but the announcement comes at a good time for Yemen. It has recently been conducting raids against al-Qaeda to show the US that it is serious about the war on terror, and this announcement folds into the same policy.

There is also a profile of Sheikh Abd al-Majid al-Zindani by Gregory D. Johnsen at Jamestown. I would have liked to have seen him devote more time to al-Zindani's background and time in Afghanistan as well as his ideas on the relationship with science and the Qur'an, but still a decent piece. Check it out here.


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