Sunday, April 09, 2006

Aden 1986 .... and the White Sox Finally Win

(Photo of a Mass Grave from the bloody events in Aden 1986 - from the Yemen Times)

In Yemen President Salih is on his way to Pakistan.

The Yemeni government is denying reports that it bought anti-riot gear from China. This might be the way to go: worried about rioting, buy from the guy who knows how to successfuly put down a riot - cameras be damned. After all, does anyone really think that last summer's Fuel Riots in Yemen would have been allowed to take place in China? Also, it was widely rumored in Sana'a last year, that Yemen's anti-riot police were using training, tactics and weapons supplied by American advisers. Just like in the glory days of the Cold War Yemen is trying to have it both ways.

Speaking of the Cold War, there is a new Russian program on the "bloody events" of January 1986 in Aden. I enjoy few things as much as a Russian series about internal coups and dissension in the Arab world's only Marxist state.

Here is a link to a story about the discovery of a mass grave from the January 1986 events, and from which the grisly picture above comes from.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat has a brief on the explosion in al-Baydha, which it says killed 2 and wounded 14.

And of course, the obligatory White Sox update:
The White Sox finally won a game. I mean they are no Detroit Tigers, but at least they managed to take one game from a much improved Royals.


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